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I only needed to sell 28 copies

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I’ve always loved writing, from a young age I would carry a notebook with me and jot down ideas for stories and poems. I would use my computer to type up my work, print it out, and give it a title — like my own little publishing factory.

Although I…

How it hurt Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and countless other brands

“Have a Pepsi”
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. It’s become a cornerstone of marketing, it’s built the foundations for advertising campaigns across the globe and even has equivalents in different languages — in French, ‘succès de scandale’, meaning ‘success from scandal.’

Of course, this statement can turn out to be true…

Why we still haven’t managed to communicate with the people of North Sentinel Island

The Sentinelese tribespeople, 1974 – Photo by Raghubir Singh, Nat Geo Image Collection

North Sentinel Island, in the Bay of Bengal, is home to the Sentinelese people. Located between India and the Malay Peninsula, the island forms part of the Indian Andaman Islands. Being so close to other inhabited land masses, North Sentinel is hardly what we would describe as remote. In fact…

I had posted 100 articles, now I only have 59.

A man stands atop a mountain, as the sun rises before him. He has his arms outstretched as if he is free and liberated.
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At the beginning of June 2020, I joined Medium and started to experiment, seeing if I could really make money by doing something I loved — writing!

In the beginning, although I had very few followers and wasn’t yet a writer for any big publications, I had some success and…

Piece together your five answers and you’ve got your life purpose in one sentence.

A woman stands at the front of a boat, looking out to the sea in front of her. The sky is cloudy and grey as the sun sets.
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A few months back, I was sitting alone at the kitchen table eating my lunch. I was looking out the window onto my beautiful garden and watching the birds landing gracefully onto the tree branches.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day and the sky was a deep blue colour with…

Your viral article could kill your writing career, seriously — here’s why.

A young man sits in a deserted park with his head in his hands, looking defeated.
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In 1988, Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond wrote “The Manual”, a book about how to have a number one single the easy way. They had had a novelty pop song hit the charts earlier that year and The Manual was a tongue-in-cheek guide on success in the music industry.


It was all part of the dictator’s master plan.

Kim Jong Nam alongside the mugshots of two young women.
Kim Jong Nam, brother of Kim Jong Un (left) and the two young women who assassinated him (right) / Source: YouTube

13th February 2017, Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Siri Aisyah and her friend entered the bustling Malaysian airport. They were on their way to the cafe to meet a man they had worked with several times before.

A couple on months prior, the man had approached the two women in the…

It’s about time somebody addressed it.

An aircraft cabin with rows of seats, some of which have people sitting in them, watching the T.V. screen on the back of the seat in front.
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After a long 2 years with no travelling thanks to Covid-19, I was beyond thrilled when my home country, the United Kingdom, started to open up its borders again and relaxing the coronavirus restrictions to allow people to travel once again.

I didn’t just want a holiday though, as much…

And she responded, sharing her experience of a lifetime of racism.

On the left sit two TV presenters, while on the right sits a woman ready to answer questions. Underneath there is a bar saying, “Health Headlines with Dr Zoe”.
Photo: ITV/Twitter

During Thursday morning’s episode of the British daytime talk show ‘This Morning’, presenter Eamonn Holmes got himself into a lot of trouble internationally for telling a black guest that her hair reminded him of an alpaca.

The woman on the receiving end of the controversy was Dr. Zoe Williams, a…

The airline nearly put itself out of business and is still suffering the consequences.

An American Airlines plane is seen flying through the air.
Photo by Jan Rosolino on Unsplash

In 1981, the American airline industry was going through some drastic changes. After the introduction of the Airline Deregulation Act 1978, American Airlines reported a loss of $76 million.

They needed to gather some capital for expansion but interest rates were at an all-time high so instead, the company’s directors…

Liam Hunter-Bailey

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